5 - Ongoing Requirements for Issuers and Insiders

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National Instrument 54-101 Communication with Beneficial Owners of Securities of a Reporting Issuer Form 54-101F7 Request for Voting Instructions made by Intermediary Note: Terms used in this Form have the meanings given to them in National Instrument 54-101. The use of this Form is referenced in sections 1.1, 4.4 and 4.6 of National Instrument 54-101. References in this Form should be amended as appropriate to refer to the person or company using this Form, in accordance with section 6.2 of National Instrument 54-101. [Letterhead of Intermediary] Request for Voting Instructions To our clients: We are sending to you the enclosed proxy-related materials that relate to a meeting of the holders of securities of the series or class held by us in your account but not registered in your name. Unless you attend the meeting and vote in person, your securities can be voted only by us, as registered holder or proxy holder of the registered holder, in accordance with your written instructions. [Include instructions for appointing alternative proxy.] We are prohibited from voting these securities on any of the matters to be acted upon at the meeting without your specific voting instructions. In order for these securities to be voted at the meeting, it will be necessary for us to have your specific voting instructions. Please complete and return the information requested in this form to provide your voting instructions to us promptly. [Specify how and to whom the voting instructions may be returned.] If you want to attend the meeting and vote in person, write your name in the place provided for that purpose in this form. You can also write the name of someone else whom you wish to attend the meeting and vote on your behalf. Unless prohibited by law, the person whose name is written in the space provided will have full authority to present matters to the meeting and vote on all matters that are presented at the meeting, even if 1
those matters are not set out in this form or the information circular. Consult a legal advisor if you wish to modify the authority of that person in any way. If you require help, contact [insert name]. [Insert intermediary name, code or identifier; name, address and respective holdings of securities of the relevant series or class held for the beneficial owner.] [Insert description of proposals to be voted upon, other instructions or explanations, etc.] By providing voting instructions as requested, you are acknowledging that you are the beneficial owner of, and are entitled to instruct us with respect to the voting of, these securities. (If these voting instructions are given on behalf of a body corporate set out the full legal name of the body corporate, the name and position of the person giving voting instructions on behalf of the body corporate and the address for service of the body corporate.) 2
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