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(Section 12.14 [delivering financial information – investment fund manager])


This is to notify the regulator or, in Québec, the securities regulatory authority, of a net asset value (NAV) adjustment made in respect of an investment fund managed by the investment fund manager in accordance with paragraph 12.14(1)(c) or paragraph 12.14(2)(c). All of the information requested should be provided on a fund by fund basis. Please attach a schedule if necessary.


1.             Name of the investment fund manager:


2.             Name of each of the investment funds for which a NAV adjustment occurred:


3.             Date(s) the NAV error occurred:


4.             Date the NAV error was discovered:


5.             Date of the NAV adjustment:


6.             Original total NAV on the date the NAV error first occurred:


7.             Original NAV per unit on each date(s) the NAV error occurred:


8.             Revised NAV per unit on each date(s) the NAV error occurred:


9.             NAV error as percentage (%) of the original NAV on each date(s) the NAV error occurred:


10.          Total dollar amount of the NAV adjustment:


11.          Effect (if any) of the NAV adjustment per unit or share:


12.          Total amount reimbursed to security holders, or any corrections made to purchase and redemption transactions affecting the security holders of each investment fund affected, if any:


13.          Date of the NAV reimbursement or correction to security holder transactions, if any:


14.          Total amount reimbursed to investment fund, if any:


15.          Date of the reimbursement to investment fund, if any:


16.          Description of the cause of the NAV error:


17.          Was the NAV error discovered by the investment fund manager?


Yes     No


18.          If No, who discovered the NAV error?


19.          Was the NAV adjustment a result of a material error under the investment fund manager’s policies and procedures? :


Yes     No


20.          Have the investment fund manager’s policies and procedures been changed following the NAV adjustment?


Yes     No


21.          If Yes, describe the changes:


22.          If No, explain why not:


23.          Has the NAV adjustment been communicated to security holders of each of the investment funds affected?


Yes     No


24.          If Yes, describe the communications:




Line 2. NAV adjustment – Refers to the correction made to make the investment fund’s NAV accurate.


Line 3. NAV error – Refers to the error discovered on the Original NAV. Please refer to Section 12.14 of Companion Policy 31-103CP Registration Requirements, Exemptions and Ongoing Registrant Obligations for guidance on NAV error and causes of NAV errors.


Line 3. Date(s) the NAV error occurred – Means the date of the NAV error first occurred and the subsequent dates of the NAV error.


Line 8. Revised NAV per unit – Refers to the NAV per unit calculated after taking into account the NAV error.


Line 9. NAV error as a percentage (%) of the original NAV – Refers to the following calculation:


(Revised NAV / Original NAV) – 1 x 100




 You are being directed to the most recent version of the statute which may not be the version considered at the time of the judgment.